The monster of haim zarif studios – my 5d mark 2

I havent updated in a while – mainly because I have been too busy playing with my new 5d mark 2
WOW this thing is AMAZING
Haim zarif studios is ready to go! I am also about to get myself a lighting set if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment!
the video on the 5dm2 is beautiful – it looks like im shooting 35mm film!
until next time..
-Haim Zarif


new news about haim zarif studios! I just added my second camera to my arsenal!

haim zarifs 5d mark 2

the newest camera in haim zarifs arsenal

I just added my second camera to the Haim Zarif arsenal – a Canon 5d Mark 2. I wanted to wait and see if the mark 3 was going to come out but couldn’t wait any longer.
I am a big fan of the canon 5dm2 because it has a full frame sensor.
Because of this sensor you don’t have a crop factor where your images are zoomed in 1.6x as much as the lens says (i.e 100mm lens looks like 160mm) which also means you don’t have to stand a million miles back and zoom in to get a nice shallow depth of field.
give it a shot if you are at an electronics store
shoot the canon 5dm2 & a 7d both with a 50mm1.8 on 1.8 you will see what i mean.
with this camera as well as my 60d I’m excited to get haim zarif studios off the ground!

I am also been looking at studio lights and other accessories to enhance haim zarif studios. If you have any suggestions please shoot me an email.
I don’t have much news yet but I am hoping to “open up shop” by the end of November. Hopefully then I can get a lot of posts out (and hopefully they will be interesting)
I would like to hopefully post tutorials, camera reviews, my experiences shooting weddings and events and show off some of my photography in the upcoming months. I also want to share my dabbling in video (although I don’t plan on adding any of that to haim zarif studios, its just for fun)
I am always open for suggestions so if you know me shoot me an email & I will be opening the comments section soon 
Have a great night everyone and wish me luck!!!